Simpledaisy is where I go to get sunshine.  I lived in Indiana for 7 years and probably shopped at the same Meijer or Walmart with Heather but our paths did not cross until I moved into the blogosphere.  Boy am I happy! Heather is a constant source of inspiration with her DIYs, Fresh Fridays, fitness goals, cheerfulness and her gorgeous designs on her etsy shop.  I am beyond thrilled that she was willing to make me a custom piece.  Don't you love it?!!!!
The packaging was full of  Simpledaisy cheer, it was so thoughtful and I loved that it came from a friend.   I think Heather is onto something here...  My little blog is very important to me and it is a place where I come to share my dreams and inspiration so   sealaura seemed like the perfect tag to make.   A special thanks to B, Norm and Newman who helped me design it!