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Back to Winter it is...

Remember those 80 plus degrees we had here in SoCal this past weekend?  Well the tide has turned and now we are back to winter.  ¡YAY!  I need a little chill in the air, to truly have it feel like NAVIDAD.

Perfect for wearing this!  


Brenda's Arizona said...

Where did your knitted scarf come from??
Oh, I hope winter dips down our way, too. Your photos look inviting, allowing for a jacket at least!

Ms. Givens said...

Love the blue scarf. I bought one in an odd red color so I dont wear it that much, but I still love it.
Wonderful photographs. I just ordered my daughter the Diana camera. Ought to be fun!

Style Odyssey said...

did you knit that scarf? it's gorgeous!
i really connect with these cloudy mountain photos- what a beautiful landscape. i love fog and clouds! very moody and atmospheric.
feliz navidad! xo

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Gorgeous! Happy Holidays!
xoxo Beth

anita said...

beautiful mountains...

we just had 3 nights of below freezing temps here...i am still housebound, so snuggling in blankets feels good! i am getting very restless to get back to life, still have a few weeks left.

Completely Coastal said...

Just like in New England, haha! Stay cozy!

becky at abbeystyle said...

Yay for the cowl! You look darn cute in it. Beautiful winter shots, love the misty mountains!