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Choppy waters?.. que va!

¡Hola!  ¡Es el primero de diciembre, can you believe it?  I wish the waters were calm like up above.  I took these shots on my way to Tortola and I am channeling them today because it is about to get hectic!
 I am getting mis estudiantes ready for their final exams and also trying to take care of sealaura international ;0)
Even though the waters are a bit turbulent, they are still pretty right?  As a profesora I have to often stop myself and remember that the way I feel is how mis estudiantes are going to feel.  So If I remain calm and upbeat they will too, or at least I hope so.  I guess you can say I am the ship's captain so to speak.  I know... cheesy metaphor but hey it works for me. :)
How do you deal when the waters get a little choppy?


Ms. Givens said...

I tune out allot and then when it gets real choppy I press onward and forward and try not to look back.
Have a wonderful afternoon! Hope you find some fun stuff!
Pretty pics! No water like that around here. :(

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It might be a cheesy metaphor, but it's true!! To return to calm I focus on "my vision" what makes me feel good, save, and happy.

Style Odyssey said...

hey, it's my former backyard!!! part of my heart will always be there.
yes, very hectic days ahead, especially for you and other professors and teachers. i empathize! it's hard work, long hours...and with christmas coming...!! but no worries, you seem balanced and grounded.
i like the comments by maya and ms. givens. words of wisdom. :)

Mary-Laure said...

When things get choppy, I call my mum!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

beautiful pics. when things get choppy i talk to my hubby with a glass of wine in my hand. :) helps me relax