¡Hola!  ¡Es el primero de diciembre, can you believe it?  I wish the waters were calm like up above.  I took these shots on my way to Tortola and I am channeling them today because it is about to get hectic!
 I am getting mis estudiantes ready for their final exams and also trying to take care of sealaura international ;0)
Even though the waters are a bit turbulent, they are still pretty right?  As a profesora I have to often stop myself and remember that the way I feel is how mis estudiantes are going to feel.  So If I remain calm and upbeat they will too, or at least I hope so.  I guess you can say I am the ship's captain so to speak.  I know... cheesy metaphor but hey it works for me. :)
How do you deal when the waters get a little choppy?