Hola!  How about a few gift ideas for the beach lovers in our lives or for a host/hostess.  I love to give presents and I don't like to arrive to any event empty handed.  One time I had nothing to bring to a friend who invited me to her pool, so I brought a mango.  Briliant right?   I have to admit that I am the worst gift giver, I try so hard to please.  However, I am so indecisive that I often find myself at the airport scrambling to buy gifts there.  But today this indecisive Libra has put together 9 items under $21. Since we are sea lovers over here, the selections are muy beachy.

1.  Ocean Girl Starfish hair pin Simpledaisy $16
2.  Golden Octopus Bracelet from friendly gesture  $20  the gold one sold but there is a silver one here and it seems like they relist the gold one often.
3.  Coral Starfish Wine Bag Shorely Chic wine bag $9
4. Blue Marine Star Fish Accent Carons Beach House $14
5.  Octopus on a Bike from darkcycleclothing $18
6.  Wine Topper from Cheryl's Shells $10
7.  Notecards from Isola Bella $5.95
8.  Vintage silver garden marker from Beach House Living $8
9.  Seaside Jacquard Dishtowel from Outer Banks Trading Group $10

As an octopus lover I am all about #2 & #5.   
Which one has caught your eye?