I have been a very busy bee this week, trying to make the world bilingual one hour at a time! :)  We are currently studying the future tense/el futuro and it sure makes one wonder about mañana and the day after.  

It sure makes me think of that song ¿Qué será, será? Whatever will be will be...
Did you know that song was introduced in Hitchcock's movie "The Man who knew too much"?  I guess sometimes it's better not to know too much and take each day as it comes.  Well that's my philosophy lesson for today, didn't know I dabbled in that too did you??  Not really, but here's for a good day and wonderful weekend!

BTW Blogger does not allow me to place accents or our little upside down question marks that we do in Spanish, so the title of this post is missing those and it kills me! :)