Excuse the cheesy title for this post, but I had to go with it!  I am definitely ready for fall but Mother Nature insists on keeping us in the 90s in SoCal, so I have to add my fall fashion touches in small doses.  I love this vintage necklace that I picked up here in Redlands.  I love imagining the story behind it.  Here is my version :  In 1946 a young girl received this very grown up sparkly necklace for her quinceañera, and since I did not have a quinces fiesta, it was fate that it would now fall into my little hands.
 Here I am enjoying the 90 degree lighting wearing my JCrew Bon Voyage tee, perfect for a language teacher who dreams of travel n'est ce pas?   I love me some JCrew and this tee is one of my faves.  The headband is a gap find from 2 years back with navy blue and orange paisley design.
 So here is my quinceañera necklace that I paired up with a coral and ?? green stone necklace that a student from Hawaii made at the UOR and I bought during a craft sale.  A little beachy orange coral is all we can do for now as far as fall hues go and I think I will be ok with it!
Well my dears, after tearing up my house trying to find my dear watch that I pictured here,  I had to create this version in its absence.  I am so sad to have misplaced my sandy round faced military watch. :(  But alas, this orange nylon strap on this old square face will have to console me for now.  I do love orange and with all of my communist olive, taupe brown, white wardrobe, I think it adds a little happy note.