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Nicholas Landon Jewelry

nicholas landon jewelry

I don't know about you but I have been really into accessories lately and wanted to share with you the kind of jewelry that I really enjoy. When the weather dips a bit, the best way to keep me feeling light and beachy is by wearing pieces that remind me of summer days. I also like leather pieces that still have a softness to them like this necklace from Nicholas Landon.  
coin pearl and leather ring
This etsy shop does an excellent job of combining leather and pearl to create that wonderful nautical, classical and rugged feel.  Mickey's pieces are soft but a bit edgy in my opinion and I love them!  I love spending days filling my etsy basket (wishlist)!  What about you?  What kind of pieces do you favor?


Ms. Givens said...

Love the coin pearl!
I am starting American Sign Language classes tomorrow. I am excited.
I tend to favor silver and antique looking things, anything thats easy to care for.
I sold my wedding rings. I replaced it with the handmade silver Boxer ring. :)

Sarah B. said...

wow, those are super cute :)

Love of the Sea said...

I love this kind of jewelry too. I like suede string necklaces and leather beaded bracelets. Very pretty!!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

hey sweet girl...thank you so much for spreading the love about us! i am thinking we might need to let you host a give-away! what do you think?

Cloudia said...

primitive & pretty!

Aloha from Hawaii, L'aura

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Style Odyssey said...

how pretty, and how very you! i could see his work selling well in my Former Backyard, or maybe in one of those Cruz Bay boutiques.

i like all sorts of jewelry. my favorites at the moment are chunky pieces, an interesting mix of vintage and new, slightly imposing or medieval-looking. i've always adored bracelets...turquoise...silver.

swile67 said...

Okay I'm finally catching up on my blog reading...LOVE your mustard and olive pairing and necklace for your trek in the woods....I LOVE rick steves too and used his guide when I went to Paris...I followed his suggestions to a t and had a FABULOUS time! I wonder if he ever comes to Toronto...I'll have to go hear him speak for sure! I also LOVE your bubble butt dress and especially the shoes!! you rock the outfit! enjoy your fall!!

anita said...

this fall i like soft leather corded necklaces..and soft leather wrap bracelets.

hope you had a fun weekend laura :)

Cat & Cricket said...

Love it.. makes you feel au natural.. and a true blue beach girl!!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

you always post great accessories. i love beachy and native american-esque jewelry.

Anonymous said...
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Sam said...

So lovely! I can almost smell sea slat and feel a sea breeze in my hair looking at them!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Beautiful jewelry!! Love, love love!!

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