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Yellow and Grey...kinda!

 Buenos Dias!  How about some pretty yellow to lift your spirits this Monday morning?  I had a great weekend because I got all of my grading done but I feel like I didn't really get a weekend.  Do you ever feel that way?  The good news is, I got it all done and can start the week fresh, which always feels good.  
These pretty flowers caught my eye because they were surrounded by greenish gray stems.  I Have no idea what they are ( do you?) but I do love me some yellow, any time of year.  Again, you know i love grey, and yellow is also one of my colors that I love to add for pops of cheer in my day and in my outfits.
What do you do to add pops of cheer to your day?


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Beautiful, Laura!! And I so love your Morro Bay shot!!! I was there (ages ago), but so much fog at the time that we could see hardly anything!

Ms. Givens said...

I hate it when you feel like you didnt get a weekend.
I did get 3 pairs of earrings at Kohls.
I have some special events coming up so I have been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube today. I work hard can you tell?

anita said...

laura..i didnt get a weekend off either. we were painting and cleaning a rental property

hope your week is smooth and easy!

Style Odyssey said...

sometimes i do a fun nail color, like nars dovima (tomato red)...or chanel nouvelle vague. or mac lipstick "ruby woo" (the most intense matte red ever!) i might do one of these things when i'm wearing all black and/or navy.

i have an appreciation for unusual color juxtapositions that don't traditionally "go together"- such as this lovely yellow and gray image here. you really have an eye for capturing pretty texture and color found in nature.

that's nice you got all the grading done!

Karena said...

It was a good weekend, one that flew by though. I adore pops of yellow, cobalt blue and also red!!

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simpledaisy said...

Why can't weekends be as long as weeks and weeks be as short as weekends! I think we do things in reverse!!! haha!
Love the pretty yellow flowers:)
How your week flies by!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i love the happy yellow...makes me smile...the contrast is great too!

Rose West said...

You know, when it comes to yellow, I always say I don't care for it much... but then ask me my favorite flowers, and they're always yellow. I don't understand it :)

drollgirl said...