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Explore a Museum...

 The weekend is here and it is time to explore.  Fall is also here and for some reason we always seem to head towards Pasadena, to check out a movie and walk around old town.  Pasadena is of course famous for hosting the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl but it is also a great place to find cultural activities such as the symphony and the Norton Simon Museum.  Did you know that your local museums are a great place to catch a classic film?  The Norton is hosting a wonderful series that inlcudes Song of Bernadette which won 8 Oscars in its day.  Since my new job at KVCR has me finding fun things to do for our community, I have been reminded about the wealth of opportunities that our local museums provide.  You can attend lectures, take drawing lessons, enjoy musical performances and so much more!  Best of all many of these events are FREE/GRATIS! So in case you haven't made your plans for the weekend yet, check out your local museum.

Where do you head out for some free cultural fun?


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Oh gosh, I have to answer that one with "nowhere". I'm a total homebody these days..., since I'm living in this house. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Ms. Givens said...

Looks like a pretty drive.
I am fairly cultural except when it comes to my local museums.
Recently went to hear local bands in the Brady District. Went to the Art Walk a while back also.
I love Sushi but Sam never wants to eat Sushi. We eat allot of Subway. ;)

anita said...

our favorite cultural event locally is a free folk festival weekend. phenomenal talent comes out of the woods and glades to play to happy folks on picnic blankets with kids running free and lots of artist and food vendor tents!

simpledaisy said...

Let's see...I have to admit i'm not much of a "cultural" girl! Well I guess that's not totally true...I do like to take classes at the art museum:):)
Hope all is well with you! We're in full swing with Notre Dame games and festivities:):)

Style Odyssey said...

we are so on the same page again. tomorrow my husband, dad and i are going to a museum tour of a historic submarine. today i worked, but they went to 2 museums.
all these museums in one city...we're making up for lost time.
enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

Beach Vintage said...

2013, thats my next trip to the USA and I cant wait!

pam@ iLoveShelling said...

I like to go to any art festival/craft show within 50 miles. .... or finding the coolest stuff by surfing blogs. Does that count? But I really want to say is THANK YOU! You are the sweetest!!! I just saw stumble's list and your comment!!! xoxo

shari @ little blue deer said...

This is fabulous, Laura, I love free fun! I enjoyed a wonderful concert by the Indigo Girls at my University's homecoming reunion this weekend, and it was fabulous! Also, they had lots of lectures and that sort of thing, as well. XX!

Brenda's Arizona said...

But where did the summer go? All the plans to visit nice air-conditioned museums and to go to lots of movies...
Love Norton Simon Museum!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

love your little adventure posts :)

thankfully LA has some great museums. i get wrapped up in them when we go! my only gripe... i ALWAYS want to touch things! :) haha