What are you going to to today to put your best foot forward? Here is my list :
1. Enjoy every part of the day : that first cup of coffee, walks with the dogs, working(!)

2. Avoid negative energy. If you feel your idea is doable, then do it! And don't let others steer you away from trying with their list of pros and cons.

3. Smile and greet others. This is an easy one but you would be amazed how many people avoid this simple interaction.

4. Be diplomatic and gracious.

5. Get back to nature. Take a power break and step out of your building to enjoy the roses even if it is that tiny grassy knoll in your business complex, enjoy it!

6. Complete a task you normally avoid doing. I find that the tasks I normally avoid really don't take that long and once I am done, I feel so accomplished!

That's my list, what are your suggestions for putting your best foot forward?