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Next Stop : San Diego

Don't know about you, but when I travel, I get that same feeling I used to get when my elementary class would go on a field trip. Back then, that special sack lunch, the anticipation, and sharing a seat with my best friend made those field trips so exciting. Truthfully, not much has changed since those days. I am still excited about that special lunch, although that Capri Sun might have been replaced with a different kind of fruity drink! But you get the idea.
This weekend I will be exploring a new part of San Diego. We will be in the Mission Bay Area, which is a bit south from La Jolla. This is a new place for me, so come back next week and I will share what I discover down there!
( the pics above are from La Jolla in case you were curious. Check out my Jolly in La Jolla post for more!)


Tricia Rose said...

Nothing improves me more on a Friday than contemplating a different kind of fruit drink! Happy exploring!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh fun! We plan to stop there on our way back from our honeymoon so this is nice for me! :)
Have a great weekend!

Sarah B. said...

YAY!!! I grew up in San Diego, you will love Mission Bay :) Well I actually love pretty much everything in San Diego.... You should go to Balboa Park!
Have fun!!!

anita said...

nice ! cant wait to see the pics from your weekend travels :)

swile67 said...

i've actually been to this area of san diego and LOVED it! enjoy your beach exploration..enjoyed your jewellery too!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh how fun...I love weekend explorations!