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Fresh Fridays : California Rock Fish

 Are you ready for some food?  I always am!  Today B is providing us with some delicious California Rock Fish This is an often overlooked but extremely tasty fish.  
As you can see above our resident diver @sealaura industries caught the fish of the day.  Perhaps, you may recall, that we have spent the last couple of weekends going to SoCal beaches for free diving opportunities.  Our last stop was in  Mission Bay Beach in San Diego.

You might be wondering "How do you go from the first image to this?"  Well here's how:

1.  Gut the fish and cut 3 slits on each side.  MUY IMPORTANTE : this fish does have venomous dorsal spines so you have to be MUY careful when you are cleaning it.
2.  fry each side of the fish in olive oil for 3 to 5 min
3.  put in oven over your favorite cooked rice (we used sushi rice)  and layer a bed of spinach. Cook it for 10 min @ 400 degrees to get it cooked through.  Wrapped in foil of course, dahlings!
4.  You can condiment the fish with salt, cayenne pepper and fresh lemon juice, to taste.

 Doesn't it look amazing?  Well it tasted even better.  In case you are curious about free diving make sure you get the proper fishing license before you head out.  Oh, and of course B cooked this meal, you know I am still taking baby steps en la cocina!  Finally, make sure to stop over at SimpleDaisy, she has a delicious Creamy Peas and Spinach Noodles recipe that looks muy delicioso!


Tricia Rose said...

My mouth is watering...

simpledaisy said...

I love fish!!!
That looks super yummy....but I don't know about cleaning them myself!
Have a great weekend:)
Oh and thanks for the shout out....you ROCK!!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Yum. Fish is brain food!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Cindy Whitehead said...

wow that looks good - you do the coolest things - love that! Have a wonderful weekend (pray for sun!) and thanks for your super nice comments (-:

Drawn to The Sea said...

Your pics are always so clear, sealaura... a muy talented girl :-)

anita said...

horrifying and delicous all wrapped into one..the poor fried fish! i can see down his throat :0
but i tell ya, he looks crisp and yummy! haha