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An Architectural tour of Long Beach

Today we are in the middle of downtown Long Beach.  Although I am a SoCal gal I had not been back to LB since I was a chiquita and checked out the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose way back in the day.  I had no idea that LB also had so much architectural beauty  in its downtown.

Many of the buildings had such wonderful details and beautiful entances.
Ocean Center Building
completed : 1929
architectural style : Art deco, Spanish revival 
Designed by the great Los Angeles architects, Meyer & Holler who also built the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Grauman's Egyptian theatre also in Hollywood.

design: Beaux-Arts
designed by : Los Angeles architects, Aleck Curlett and Claud Beelman

Security Pacific Building
design: Beaux-Arts
built in 1924
               designed by : Los Angeles architects, Aleck Curlett and Claud Beelman
This was formerly a Masonic Temple and although it is a bit hard to see here, there are compasses and square that frame that center gable which is a Masonic symbol.
I love the art deco motifs of this building.

How did you like our tour today?  If you would like to indulge more in all the beauty, you can pick up this fabulous book 
Where are your favorite architectural gems?


simpledaisy said...

Wow...really gorgeous!
Well you know...around here it's the golden dome!!
I love walking the campus in the autumn and just looking at all the pretty buildings:)
Hope you have a good rest of your week!

Ms. Givens said...

OMG, my friend Trisha is there today. Most my friends love the west coast but I love the east coast.
Got my old jean jacket on today. So glad they don't go out of style much.

anita said...

love the art deco buildings..especially the birds atop the windows!

soaking up the richmond architecture this week. lots of red brick, history infused with college city life

Cindy Whitehead said...

These are beautiful!!

Toemailer said...

Love the details in those wonderful buildings! Very well done!

Marie said...

Wow - lots of wonderful architectural elements in Long Beach. I had no idea so I appreciate the tour.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

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