It was all about the skater dudes when I was a young girl. What about you? Recently I visited the Venice Skate Park and it was so awesome to see these guys in action.
Back in the day, there were always signs up saying "NO SKATEBOARDING" and it seemed like such an illicit sport. Ridiculous, no?!! Well, how awesome is it to have this kind of place devoted just for skateboarding.
There were so many talented people doing there thing and even some old timers which I thought was ├╝bercool because they still had it! What I loved most about it was how supportive and encouraging all the skaters were to each other. It is a very inclusive kind of place. When I was there, there were people of all ages, guys, girls just being free and flying.

Speaking of feeling free, it is the weekend and I am headed out to Laguna Beach. What about you? Where do you go to feel free?