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visit my villa patio

I have been trying to beachify my patio and yesterday's post on Daily Vitamin Sea inspired me to post a pic of my japanese glass float. I found it at a local thrift store and have my eyes peeled for more. Make sure to check out Maya's post in case you missed it yesterday. click here.
My little villa patio is still trying to find it's beachy identity so for now I just have a few items that make me smile scattered around. This itty bird fountain is pretty silly and small but I thought it was just charming and have had it in my collection for a few years. It's last home was a windowsill and now it accompanies the CA Grown cactus I bought at the 99 store. Can you believe I bought this cactus when I first moved to the land of Red and my black thumb has not interfered with it's life? The stones are also from the 99 cent store that now reside inside an old pickle jar.
I had been obsessed with these Ikea lanterns forever and they have been good friends. I basically move them all over the villa when I need some romantic lights and/or beach vibe. You might recall this necklace that my dear friend Janet brought me from Tahiti. Jolie n'est ce pas?I have to confess I am a bit of a dumpster diver and rescued this plant recently. I added shells to the dirt (another ideas from sweet Maya ! check out her Seashell Garden Ideas)
Oh and look who crashed the party and brought his own pillow!! Norman Alexander! Like I said it is a work in progress but little by little I am sure it will come together and by then we will be on to the next villa I'm sure! :)


Ms. Givens said...

Looks inviting!
My aunt & uncle are coming this weekend. My brother n law is playing piano somewhere in Tulsa so I will try to post pictures of that next week.
I ended up ordering 4 pairs of sandals from gojane.com but none that I put on my blog. I tend to be more practical than my blog reveals.
Have a great day!

Style Odyssey said...

I just love this- so inspiring, and great textural mix!
It's nice to see shells used in creative ways. When we leave the islands, we're definitely taking our shell, coral and sea fan collection!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute! I love adding a special beachy touch to everything!

Taylor said...

I have a japanese water buoy too!!! Mine is blue...my mom has one too, and it is enormous. They are so cool!

Beach Vintage said...

OK now you have got me sayin 'Beachify', what a great word!

drollgirl said...

i love what you have done! and you make dumpster diving look chic! you have a way of making things look so fab.

and norman?! come here and give me some sugar! he is so cute!!!

Maya said...

Me too, "Beachify" love it!! And thanks so very much Laura!!!!! I love all your pieces too! I just recently bought two lanterns at the Christmas Shop for the porch, but I like yours better, haha. IKEA is just so far away (an hour drive, which is far me -I guess that's the European in me. LOL).

Mimi said...

looks fantastic. I wish I had the gumption to decorate my house that way. I get distracted by my view too often to care about the rest of the house it seems.