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Monday Blues # 50...Blue Fashion

!Buenos días! Not feeling blue over here just sharing some of my current fashion blue loves. Like these Blue Sandals from Madden Girl. They come in a variety of colorsm but I had to restrain myself. They are only $29 bucks and hey I do live in Sunny SoCal so I got two pairs! I bought these in January when it is hard to justify shopping for sandals, but I have learned to shop ahead or else there's nothing left when that season does come.
This is my current nail polish love. It is called Textured teal from AVON. It's not exactly teal, more like a deep marine blue but I love it! I usually "splurge" the 8 bucks for OPI or Essie products but AVON has really impressed me with their new formula and chic colors. Three things I love about this polish is the long lasting glossy finish and lastly the price! I also like how this blue looks chic and not too young or goth (not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am a 30something profesora, so I have to dress the part!)
I like to pair these sandals with jeans or with grey boyfriend khakis from my beloved J.crew.
What is your current blue fashion piece?


AndreaLeigh said...

love the sandals and the nail polish girl! you look tres cute!

La Dolfina said...

I love it!!!
Your foot needs to be on Completely Coastal!!

Beachcombing.... said...

Love the sandals! Have been dying to find a pair to wear to the beach here in N. Cal. So cute - did you order them online?? Let me know - Caron

Sam said...

Those blue sandals! Gorgeous! I actually have a thing for blue shoes especially in leather. The nail polish is pretty cute too - it would look pretty groovy on I think!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

love the sandals!!! pense ke estabas un poco blue con tu twitter y el tittulo..me kedo trankila ke estas bien!!! o mejor dicho fashionably great!

Ms. Givens said...

Your sandals! I love Madden Girl!
I have been obsessing over a blue mood ring or cabochon but havent brought myself to purchase one.
Maybe today!

Jamie Watson said...

Awesome combo with the nails & shoes!!