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Monday Blues #49

Good Morning! Crazy, busy and all shaken up here in SoCal but sealaura industries is well. Here are some pretty blue flowers on this cloudy post quake day. I have 3 more weeks of university left til summer, yay! I am excited for a new month, looking forward to new fitness goals and to learning more about design, decor and life from all of my friends out in the blogosphere. Do you have any new plans for this new month?


Loui said...

No plans for this month..
but in late May,,
heading home to FL..
for TWO weeks of fun in the sun..
with family, friends,,
hope all is well with you and yours..
quakes are no fun at all!
warmest hugs..

simpledaisy said...

Only 3 more weeks...lucky girl:)
I have 7 weeks left! Owell....at least we get summers off! I know I can't complain:)
Let's see....yard work...house projects and making jewelry...those are my plans this month!

Maya said...

I just learned about the earthquakes..., oh my! Lovely pic, Laura..., and the plan is to finish up all the little things in the house (redo), and be done for good, yuppie!

anita said...

laura, this new header is so YOU girl! i love this one..

have several FB friends who lost water out of their pools yesterday.
glad your ok!

unfortunately i am doing taxes, had 2 (not 1) men look into my vjj today (hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmm?)
in the middle of cleaning one of our rentals which was left so gross and dirty ..too much fun for one day !!

Joyce said...

Laura I'm glad everyone is OK. I was thinking of you. Where the pups phased by any of the excitement? Yahoo... 3 more weeks. xo

Maya said...

Thanks for the ins on Solomons island..., see I'm looking for the next sweet coastal town to move to (in a year or two)..., somewhere south of DC, or perhaps Northern CA, so I'm keeping my eyes wide open. In case you took pictures there, would you give me the link?

Style Odyssey said...

Pretty. I'm thinking it's a hydrangea, but maybe not...
Plans for April- Keep promoting my current art exhibit, and start packing (again) for our Big Move this summer!