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Monday Blues # 43

Is it Friday yet? Just Kidding! I had such a great weekend hanging out with B and the boys that I didn't want to open the Spanish shop today. I like my job but I still feel like playing . So today I will be starting off the week with a little fun for my estudiantes. I think it is fun but they might have another opinion. We will be playing Monopoly, Scrabble, and Family Feud EN ESPAÑOL!! I can already hear the groans but we are gonna have fun darn it! I figure a week that starts out with fun can only lead to more fun right?


Brenda's Arizona said...

True! Have fun - and may the only 'blue' in your Monday be in your photo.

Shorely Chic said...

I wish I had you for Spanish in highschool!! My Spanish teacher showed us telenovelas from the 70's - far from amusing!

Have a great week!!

drollgirl said...

ahhaha! you are going to force those kids to learn espanol! i love a mean game of scrabble, but in english. i am afraid i know very little espanol, and you would beat the pants off of me if we played that way! :)

simpledaisy said...

I wish I had you for spanish too:)
I also wish I would have payed more attention in all of my spanish classes! I took many years of espanol and now it would really come in handy.....but I forgot most of it!!!
Take care and have a super fun week:)

Deanna said...

That's the spirit! By the way, love the blue shutters / doors!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I think it sounds like a ball! Best way to learn...when you are having fun!

Sam said...

Yay for scabble!! I play that with my students too!! They love it actually!! P.S. Thank you for your compliments about my birdie!! XX

the style crusader said...

hope the games went well! i am all for trying to start the week off with something fun. how about mid week though?? anything fun planned for wednesday? xx

Style Odyssey said...

love this!
when i first arrived in the bvi, i'd go around shooting pics of tropical colored doorways, shutters, windows...then made a series of paintings loosely based on openings (abstract works). this photo takes me back to those early bvi days, when all was new, and exciting adventures lay just beyond those doors, so to speak.