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How about a little Pink Papaya?

¡Buenos dias! Today I was excited to open the Spanish Door! The games went well on Monday and today we are preparing for a test. Even though our campus is quite beautiful with the snow capped mountains surrounding us, this is what I pictured today when I got to la universidad. I love the happy colors of the PINK PAPAYA. There is a lot of Caribbean flavor in this shop and that is why I thought we should stop here on a Wednesday. Who wants some Caribbean flavor? I thought so... :)


Deanna said...

Looks like we are in the islands! At least thats where my head is. Can't you tell I need some island time? Believe me, I'm long overdue!

Style Odyssey said...

that looks like home to me! well, not literally my house, but my part of the caribbean in general.
are you in the islands again??

Shellbelle said...

I love Pink Papaya, their coconut birdhouses are so cute AND I want to go rent their apartment for a week…………or two!

simpledaisy said...

Well...if you can't go to the islands...then bring um to you:)
Glad to hear the games went well!
Have a happy rest of the week.

anita said...

hi laura..

love your cheerful wednesday post :)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i love the bright happy colors...today was cloudy and overcast here so your post was like a golden ray of sunshine! xo, mickey

swile67 said...

it's been a while since i've read my blogs so yours cheered me up..love the colour of your pics and your cool pics too!!!

Maya said...

I want some island time too. Love the colors!! I once wanted to live on Hawaii..., what ever happened to that?! I guess marriage, and a job (my husband's).

Cloudia said...

Hawaii replies:

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

The colors are truly fabulous! Thanks for telling me about this post...hope you're enjoying the weekend.