Like most people, I did enjoy some good eating over the holidays. When B and I finally made it to Vegas we headed to Whole Foods for some Synergy and some yummy bran muffins.
We LOVE this stuff, you might know it as KOMBUCHA and it is so amazing. It helps with digestion since it is basically a fermented tea. I am not sure about all the scientific benefits os Kombucha if there are any, but I can tell you it is refreshing and makes you feel so much better, especially after 2 weeks of eating out and not doing my usual eating routine. It goes for about $3.50 a bottle which is a little too much for the profesora budget, that is why it is a treat for me. I am actually happy that the holidays are over so I can get back to eating well balanced meals. One of my favorite things to eat is smoked salmon over steamed brown rice or sushi rice. It is delish and a nice clean food. This past weeked, B and I made a yellow pepper, avocado, tomato concoction and it went sooo well with our salmon and rice. We added a little balsamic vinegar, tad of olive oil, and a bit of sea salt and TADA!! Don't you just love when you find another "go-to meal" ? As many of you know, la cocina and I are slowly becoming friends, and this meal is a fave because it involves very little prep, my kind of meal! What are your "go-to meals" or what is your latest yummy discovery?