I love the whole layering look that has been "in" for a while now. I also love how it can dress up even the most basic ensemble. A simple tshirt can be taken to the next level with a bunch of jewels like the ones above. My beloved JCREW are masters of this style but you create this look too with what you've already got! I am willing to bet that if you go into your "vault" you will find some necklaces that you forgot about. In this season of "poco or no dinero" it is nice to rifle through all your jewels and see what can be worn again. Remember my ribbon inspired bracelet turned into a necklace? Another idea is to buy some extenders to elongate your necklace. You can find them for as little as 3 bucks on amazon or @your local craft stores. Beats buying a new necklace,right? :) But hey, if you can splurge hooray!!! Just don't forget how fun and exhilarating it can be to re-fashion something yourself.