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Midweek Beauty

I usually like to post some midweek island inspiration but I thought I would switch it up a bit with these lovely plants. Aren't they fab?!
I love the contrast in colors and textures with these two. Hope this inspiration helps you all, I sure need it.
I feel like this week is d r a g g i n g!!
Maybe because last week was so short and AWESOME!
Profesora is tired, is it Winter break yet??


Shorely Chic said...

How beautiful! I love a dash of tropical mid-week ;)

Sam said...

So lovely - the colours are magical! I hear you re-the break!!! I'm trying not to count down the days but.....!

Maya said...

Gorgeous. Green and Pink, wonderful!

drollgirl said...

absolutely stunning!!! i am a sucker for big, juicy photos of gorgeous things!!!

Deanna said...

I'm a gardener, so it's definitely appreciated! I had lots of these in my yard in FL.

Cloudia said...

How did those Hawaiian plants get to Cali? LOL!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral


Hello Cranky! Snap out of it! Hugs from Canada. LPxo

jane said...

why did rhubarb pop in my mind?... your san diego shots are great. happy (almost) weekend!

simpledaisy said...

You know I love a little mid-week tropics in my life!! Thanks for sharing.
I know I am SUPER ready for winter break....so close and yet, so far away:)

anita said...

thanks for the mid week zen!

here we are going au natural b/c the a/c (yipes) is down..even though the low 80's feel comfortable, its still humid..so those plants say it all for me right now...

enjoy the winter warm!

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Yes, they are beautiful, but your capture of them — even more so!

Break time is almost here and I know you deserve it!

Jamie Watson said...

LUV'd the tropical plant pics. Thank you. (-:

Candi said...

These are really pretty! I know what you mean about this past week. I wasn't in the best mood!!!

amy said...