!Hola! Hope you are surviving your Monday so far. I for one was not ready to go back to la universidad but here I am. B, the boys and I had a great Thanksgiving just relaxing in the land of Red. On Sunday B and I did our tree trimming which took about 5 minutes since we have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and 2 ornaments, but we dig it. :)
For most of my adult life I have been on the road or far from home, in school as a student and now as a profesora. So that is why I have this little itty bitty tree from the Dollar Store to make me happy during this season. B and I got these ornaments the year we first met. I have always been a huge fan of Wonder Woman and he is my Clark Kent ( cheesy aren't I?). Anyway, I am channeling Wonder Woman today as I enter the crazy season in school. I have 2 weeks left of teaching, then finals, then turn in grades and then jump on a plane to travel. YIKES! And no I will not be in my own invisible plane, but I sure do wish it were so! I am so excited for the holiday season and one thing I do know is that someway, somehow I know it will ALL get done. Hope you are enjoying the start of the season.