!Buenos días! Well it has definitely been a friday the 13th for me so far! In Latin America tuesday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck so I thought I would be immune to the american version but...no!
  • I woke up late, but I still managed a cute outfit ¡YAY!
  • I got to work early even despite the late start ¡YAY!
  • I was giving a test in the computer lab and only one of my students showed up! BOO!!!
  • We had a HUGE snafoo, wires were crossed, computer labs were confused and so we re-scheduled our test for monday. No big deal , except I feel bad, they are annoyed, I am annoyed and I feel like a crazy profesora.
I am trying to turn it around though and have a good attitude for the rest of the day.

Some good news:
  • Maya is having a giveway! make sure you head over to Completely Coastal!
  • and a new blog that Maya introduced me too is also having a giveway. That beautiful necklace you see above! If I win I would put the nautical code for St. John on mine.
    The blog is Nicholas Landon Jewelry and I am smitten, beachonistas should check this out!
  • It is raining in Socal! I love the rain, and it is friday after all. !GRACIAS A DIOS!