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Meet Marley Trooper McPeak

As many of you know, I LOVE animals and today my BFF Janet is sharing her baby's story with you lucky sealaura readers :) Meet Marley Trooper Mcpeak. The picture you see above is the picture that first made me fall in love with him. He seemed so strong and courageous. I found it so inspiring. Janet and I were in St. John this past summer when she felt it in her heart that Marley was meant to be with her.
Marley's story by Janet
I adopted Marley within a couple of months after losing my yellow Labrador Gunner to cancer. The veterinarian who treated Gunner told me about his own Labrador, who had had leg cancer and who he had adopted from the owner when the owner wanted the vet to put him down. The vet took him, amputated the leg, and told me he has a wonderful three legged life now, getting around easily and happily. When I searched for a new dog to adopt, I saw Marley's picture on the Waggin' Tales (Detroit, MI) dog rescue website. He was exactly what I was looking for -right age, right breed, right color, and had that soulful houndy look I love - except he was missing a leg. It seems that fate always leads us, and remembering the vet's story, I decided to look at Marley. His foster brought him to my house so we could meet. I went to the refrigerator to get some treats I had for him. He followed right behind and his first move in my home was to jump into the refrigerator and steal a whole package of hot dogs (which I then wrestled from his jaws). He was nonetheless ad
orable and is a true character. His tail is always wagging and he has moved right into my world. Since I have had him, I have suddenly gotten to know all the people in my neighborhood, as everyone wants to meet Marley. People even stop their cars and get out to meet and talk about him. He has become the local rock star. He has no limitations physically,, he can go up and down stairs, can go for walks, get in and out of the car, plays and can be a couch potato like any other dog. As he does tire somewhat quickly from hopping on his one front leg, I do limit his walks to 15-20 minutes at a time, and so we go out several times a day (good for me too!). The only other accommodation I have had to make for Marley is to duct tape the lower freezer door of the refrigerator shut because he can open it with his nose! I came downstairs to find him with his head in the freezer one day!

I don't know how Marley lost his leg as the rescue group had no information from the animal control they got him from. It may have been from cancer but I suspect it was from an accident because he was very hostile toward large trucks at first when I got him, which he has now gotten over.

Marley is running for most popular dog in the Orvis Dog Catalog Photo Contest. Anyone can vote for Marley, and each vote costs one dollar.

All proceeds go toward canine cancer research. Orvis matches every dollar donated. You can Marley under his name (Marley Trooper McPeak) in the contest:

More information about tripawd dogs can be found at: Tripawds.com


Brenda's Arizona said...

What a story. Please be sure Janet knows I thank her for rescuing a sweet dog - for seeing beyond the disfigurement to see the real life in him! HURRAH for Marley! Love it!

anita said...

he looks like a loveable guy!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm a huge animal lover as well. What a sweet dog! :)

Drawn to The Sea said...

A wise vet once told me that animals generally handle health problems & challenges better than we humans because they have no concept of mortality. If you think it through, it really makes sense.

Hugs to Marley & his loving mom. Off to check out the website :-)

Wonderful day!

Deanna said...

Janet is awesome, what a heart she has! I'm a dog lover (great dane & italian greyhound) and what a wonderful home to go to. I got choked up reading her story. Dogs are so rewarding!

Maya said...

What an adorable (and inspirational) dog!

Mimi said...

ah... rescue dogs always warm my heart.

drollgirl said...

this is so sweet and so wonderful. marley sounds like a super dog, and i am so glad he found a nice home.

and the weird thing is that my mom's maiden name is MCPEAK!

Cloudia said...

There is a dog here in Honolulu who has no front legs - dances like a little girl.

They have so much to show us!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Gabbi said...

Such a sweet story and such an adorable boy. I will definitely be visiting the link now!

Joyce said...

He is so cute!! How sweet, Marley has 3 names that fit him to a T. It has been a bit of a journey but Marley found his way finally home. Welcome home Marley! xo

Sam said...

Oh that makes my heart sing - what a gorgeous person she is and a beautiful soul she has rescued. That last photo - so sweet. I'm off to that link....

Candi said...

Awww I love him already. He looks like my Lucy! I'm such a sucker for dogs too. I'm so glad he was able to find such a wonderful home and loving family. I lost two of my dogs to cancer :(

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