Did I tell you that I have the greatest B in the world?? Ok don't kill me for sharing/bragging!! Well it is not even my birthday yet and I was happily surprised by this awesome present. Sure, my Amazon wish list might have accidentaly been sent to him, but woohoo! I love these boots! I have been drooling over them for about one year. I love this maple color and I feel that they are wearable for my profesora/traveler lifestyle. I know that boots like these:
are in style right now. But who are we kidding? I would die if I tried walking all over campus in anything that looked like this. I will do many things for fashion but comfort has to play a factor, especially with investment pieces like these puppies. I will wear crazy high heels for a party where I will lean up against the wall or if I worked at a desk. For teaching... N to the O.