This weekend we are going to where Europe meets America. Where chic meets country. It is a very sandy place but sadly no beaches, yet there is a lot of water miraculously at this location.and if you have too many of these you will definitely need lots of agua!Can you see it?

We are headed to Las Vegas for an early halloween/birthday party for Mia. You might recall that mi familia lives in Vegas so we get to go often. B and I are still in search of our costumes but we hope to go all out for Mia and her little friends. I know... I am that embarassing auntie! We are planning some karaoke and some other ridiculosity for my little Mia. Are you getting dressed up for Halloween? Please share. It is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting dressed up whether it be for a party or for pure silliness. Norm is going as a cowboy, we found him some britches and his Texan Dad is so proud. So far we are thinking a cowboy theme for us the Redlands side of the family, but we shall see... stay tuned! Besos!