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How about a little ribbon?

I love jewelry, what girl doesn't right? I have also been on a crafty kick, due to my desire for so many goodies. I dove into the sealaura vault and decided to turn this charm bracelet into a necklace with the help of a little satin ribbon.
Mind you, this is my prototype and I a bit of a mess cat, so it is nor parfait, dahlings! But it works for me, hooray! As you can see here, I used a drop of glue to connect the ribbon and voila nous avons un nouveau collier !
If you read my blogeroo regularly, you might be aware that I heart J.Crew, but the profesora budget gets in the way of my J.Crew fantasies. So here you have my J.Crew inspired necklace. How about you? Do you have any crafty ideas, you care to share avec moi?
Here are some other J.Crew Inspired necklaces I found in the blogosphere, in case you catch the crafty bug. These bloggers are way cool and way crafty Allez!

From San Francisco with love
Love Maegan
Samster Mommy


Joyce said...

Laura this is a NEAT idea! I LOVE your new necklace!!! xoxo

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Clever, clever Professora!

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

I totally admire all the crafty creativity..., but don't do much of it myself.

Jill Yates said...

What an AWESOME idea! Just think of all the cute necklaces you can make out of your bracelets, clever :)
Happy Halloween to you......

swile67 said...

VERY clever! I LOVE it! I may have to try that idea sometime! I am an accessory junkie too!

Meta said...

Great job, Laura!Love this!!! This is how I got started a few years ago designing jewelry and the next thing you know I became a metalsmith :) Love the new J. Crew inspirations, too....so simple but elegant!

Meta xo

Shorely Chic said...

Adorable!! What a great idea!!

Gabbi said...

I love the way it turned out! I've seen these around but had no idea how to connect the ribbon to the chain... genius!

Sam said...

That necklace is charming (sorry!)!! Very clever and crafty!!

Cheryl said...

so beautiful! I am so so jealous ;)