Hola! Well this is how I was feeling yesterday. Not sure what the bug was but I had to miss school. I slept all day and my nurse Norman Alexander was by my side while B came on for evening duty. September has been very hectic for me and I have had to restrict my time on the blogosphere to tend to all my profesora duties. I am teaching 2 advanced grammar classes and 2 Grammar and Lit classes. They are kicking my butt, but I have to push myself hard because I expect my kiddos to do the same. I have been feeling like a parent, I really want to tell them "Let's watch a movie!" but I know they need their profesora to be more responsible.

Speaking of movies this past weekend B and I went to Brea, CA to get a sneek preview of the movie Whip it! The whole time I just wanted to put on my Hang 10 skates that I used to live in as a kid and GO!! I loved to rollerskate, it was so much fun, wasn't it? Anyway, back to the movie. The movie is set in small town Texas where Ellen Page who plays "Bliss" is a teen who finds herself enamored with the world of roller derby. Her mom (Marcia Gay Harden) wants Bliss to be a beauty queen and the adorable Bliss is sweet enough to humor her mom's wishes while she also pursues her roller derby life. This movie made me long for the days when I played lacrosse. I loved being part of a team. It is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut and in an interview I heard her mention how this movie was very personal for her because she can relate to the idea of wanting to find her own tribe. I have to say that spoke to me too. Who doesn't want to be part of a tribe, a community of positive people who let you be yourself? I totally recommend this film especially if you are looking for some feel good girl power love.