As we were driving down Highway 1, we stumbled across a teeny little town called Harmony. The population is 18 and if you blink you will miss it, so don't blink! Isn't this door gorgeous?While in Harmony, you can check out pottery, glass blowing and a sweet little chapel if the romance of this itty bitty town moves you !
If you are not ready to go to the chapel and go and get married then head a little bit up the hill (you can't miss it) and you will find yourself at Harmony Cellars. Check out these fabulous doors that welcome you. This is where we got a little happy. NOT too happy (don't worry!) because we had to drive back and. That's why the shops/art studios I mentioned above are a nice play to chill and hang out after stopping for a tasting.Well dahlings, go and get yourself a little happy, it is friday after all. It is my last freedom friday of the summer. Profesora is back on next wed. But before I head back to the land of Red I think I will have me some red vino! CHEERS!