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Time for a winner!

The winner of my first giveaway is Sugar from Sugar and Spice. Thanks to all of you who entered and to Candi for sharing her talent with us. Sugar, please email me with your address and the Turquoise Spring Fling is yours!
So what is up for this weekend? I'm not sure, there has been a shift in the weather here in Socal. We have been blessed with the marine layer, YAY!!. I took this pic in Newport a few weeks back but this is what the AMs look like here, nice and cool. I am not ready to go back to being a profesora but I am ready for the fall. I want to be cozy not sticky. Plus the ocean is heavenly when it is cool out and you are getting your first sip of cafecito. Hope everyone has fun this weekend. :)


simpledaisy said...

Oh darn....see what I missed while I was away!
I am not ready to go back to school either! I start Monday....time for reality once again!
Take care and good luck with the school year!

Candi said...

I miss college. It was the best time :)

Congrats to Sugar on her new print! Matte or Glossy?

I'm Julia said...

Yay for Sugar !!
Boo for me :-((
Hee Hee ;-)

Julia @Drawn to the Sea

Gabbi said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner! And I very much agree on how lovely the weather has been lately... I've been having the best hair days because of it.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend dearest Laura!

(PS. Regarding the photos, I use Picnik through Flickr to write on them. Do you use Flickr? If so, just hit the edit link at the top of the photo)

Queen B. said...

Yea for winners. I'm having a giveaway too !
By the way, what camera do you use ?
I'm looking to buy a new one as mine died :(

Mimi said...

YAY! Congratz on completing your first giveaway!

Beach Vintage said...

I klnow I am a little late but have a fabulous weekend. Simone xx

Sugar said...

WOW. So excited I won!! Whoo Hoo. Thanks!!