Isn't this Thunderbird a beauty? Via this blog I have realized how much I love cars. You all know my obsession with Karmannghias. Luckily here in SoCal we are blessed with amazing weather that allows many vintage cars to remain in mint condition. This one is awesome, blue and convertible sign me up!
As B, Norm and I strolled the main PS strip, we went in for a quick foot massage ( ok I did!). On my way out, I noticed these coins placed on the window which the shopowner said were for good luck. I've never seen this before and thought it was rather neat.If you visit sealaura often, you might have noticed that B and I love to go to Palm Springs. This time we took our little Norman Alexander and I dare say it was like walking the red carpet with him. Everyone wanted to pet him, cars slowed down, he was the talk of the town! I know, I know I sound like a proud mother, I guess I am, He loved it and it was so nice to have a family outing at a place that is sooooo dog friendly. As you can imagine, there are many outdoor restaurants and cafes where your little fur-kid can chill with you. And even the shops are happy to have you and your pups come in. BTW Norm had received so much attention that he turned rather camera shy for this family pic, so you'll have to excuse him por favor. I know I've probably said it before but Palm Spring is such a scenic and gorgeous place. Sure there are plenty of fun shops, fancy restaurants and spas but my favorite part is the scenery. OMG!! Have you ever tried to take pictures and they just don't capture what you see? Well this is one of those pics. There are so many beautiful layers of mountains with lovely palm trees dotting them at the bottom. It is just breathtaking. Have a fabulous Monday darlings!