Aren't these just lovely? I spotted them as I was noseying around a beautiful neighborhood in Laguna. Today I am feeling inspired to do a little more nesting. NIDO = nest in español dolls, and I am feeling like a little pajarito/bird today. Even though I have been at the villa for two months, there is still work to be done. I still need to find the perfect spot for many things. So I thought some pretty photos would motivate me (and maybe you?!) to feather my (your) NIDO.
Love these little sillas outside of this casita. I bet they are not über comfy but they are über cute. I also love, the grey color of this casita. Grey is one of my fave colors, especially when you a little splash of yellow !
Although I love what I have and try not to focus on what I wish I had, I must confess that I do pretend my villa has a view like the one above. That's ok right? Feeling like a pajarito is fun but as you know pajaritos can be a little flighty so I hope to stay focused.
We shall see...