I have been a fan of Candace Rose and her photography for a few months now. I am so inspired by her vivacious photographs that I thought I would share them with my readers. Candi has been kind enough to let me interview her and as an added bonus I am gifting one of you lovelies with one of her prints! It is my first sealaura giveaway and I am so excited to celebrate with Candi. But before I tell you more about the giveaway, let's meet Candi:

Photography questions: Who or what inspires your photography?
I have a really great memory, I can remember things that happened years ago, on the actual date it happened. Needless to say It creeps my family and friends out! Most of the photos I take are in my mom's garden, and I like being able to document what blooms when. For instance last year my mom had the most beautiful trellis with english roses, but this year the trellis was so heavy with blooms, it completely fell apart. I'm so glad I have the photo from last year to showcase how gorgeous it looked at one time. I also really love fashion. I love tying things together, for instance my Turquoise Sunflower photo was inspired by a Teddy Bear Sunflower that I saw in my mom's garden, and a turquoise vintage vase. I thought how gorgeous would that be together? It's funny people on etsy tend to tell me it reminds them of a Van Gogh painting. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that he had nothing to do with inspiring it, as I hadn't seen it prior to googling it.

Of all of your photographs, which one are you the most proud of? I love my banner photo, my Sweet peas in the wire crate, and Turquoise Sunflower. They were all taken with an itty bitty digital camera, and I realized when I took them that I might have something going here!

I know you are a big fan of etsy. When and why did you decide to open your etsy shop?
I opened my first shop in 2008 when I first learned how to make scarves. I enjoyed it, but I really loved photography. I was asked to make note cards for people, I had contemplated creating one for a while, but it wasn't until my mom convinced me to show my aunt my photography and she wanted to buy everything I had that I thought I've got to open now!

Fashion Questions:
What is your signature look?
I'm such a turquoise girl! I love my big vintage turquoise cuff. I wear it with everything!!! In the winter you'll see me with skinny jeans and my flat black bucked boots or my coveted Fryes! During summer, I'm all about my distressed jeans, a cute top and flip flops.

Which fashion publication do you swear by and must purchase monthly? I love blogs! I don't purchase publications anymore. People Mag, and Just Jared are my favorite places to waste time and check out outfits!

You are an aspiring journalist, do you want to do print work or TV? TV! This might surprise most people, but I would love to be a sports anchor. My internships were in sports, I interviewed players, logged games, all that fun stuff. I miss it a lot.

If you were offered to do the Candace Rose Show, what would it be like? I would give Ms. Winfrey a run for her money!!! I think my show would be similar to my blog, a little of this and a little of that. I am always inspired by people who help others, (which you will be seeing more of on my blog soon) and would love to feature people who make a difference, fashion, sports, and entrepreneurs. I'd plug my photography here and there ;)

Random Questions:
What is your favorite snack?
I am addicted to chips. They are definitely my weakness.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Lake Tahoe!!!

What gives you the most joy right now?

I am a caregiver for my grandmother, and seeing her healthy brightens my day. My mom is my best friend, and I am fortunate to have her in my life. The beautiful flowers in her garden, the vineyards near by, my dog Lucy, and her son who lives next door. Life brings me joy. I'm definitely looking forward to the future. It's exciting to see what's happened this past year (good and bad), and I'm just looking forward to great things to come.

Isn't she a doll? Well if you want to own one of her delightful photographs here's what you do :
1. Visit Candi's shop and tell me which is your fave photo then
leave a comment for one entry.

2. tweet about giveaway for an added entry.

The winner will be announced on Friday August 14th. You will get to choose your fave photo. BUENA SUERTE!/GOOD LUCK!