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Views from Coral Bay

View from Bordeaux Mountain
Coral Bay is known as the more "hippie" or "laid back" part of St. John. It is also a wonderful place to catch a view of the British Virgin Islands.Skinny legs is perhaps the main eatery (burgers, sandwiches etc, not too bad price wise about $10 a burger or so) on this side of the island. There are a few souvenir shops such as the Jolly Dog that are connected to Skinny legs. Coral Bay is a great place to come visit and explore. Before heading back towards our villa we peeked in at the Coccoloba shops. Janet and I prefer the beaches on the other side such as Trunk Bay, Cinnamon, and Caneel so we might just go there today :). Have a wonderful weekend! Reggie's BBQ and Grill


Gabbi said...

Lovely views and such interesting establishments! I want a Skinny Legs burger... photo request: food! :) Hope you don't mind? But I'm living vicariously over here at my boring desk.♥


Gorgeous view from the top...imagined you guys driving up there! ...must be very nice, breeze & all! ~XO*

shopgirl28 said...

It looks beautiful. Have a good time.

Alyssa Barnett said...

I'm a little jealous - looks like a gorgeous getaway...have a fantastic time!

Candi said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time!

Btw...forgot to let you know, I hooked you up with an award on my blog :)

Mary-Laure said...

Such beautiful and colorful pics!

anita said...

what fun...definately laid back and funky! have you picked up any cute trinkets?

Joyce said...

I like the fun names!