Wednesday's trip to Cinnamon Bay was very relaxing. After finally getting some good quality sleep on a bed, I was ready for a full day of breathtaking views. We headed over to meet our friend Edie and her family @ the Cinnamon campgrounds for their annual vacay. Everything was beautiful, the grounds are very lush and green and the acommodations for the campers ... not too shabby. Even the clouds and a little rainshower were part of the beauty of this day. The only problemita I encountered was the immediate bienvenue from the mosquitos. Apparently they were starving because I had beaucoup des bites instantly. But Hey! I am willing to make a little blood donation in exchange for the view above, wouldn't you? Apparently mosquitos love warm blooded Latin American blood. And as a good Latin American girl I had my AVON skin so soft bug repellent as my shield. After lunch we headed to la playa and it was fabulous. There was that tropical steam in the air but once you get into those crystal blue waters, ooooh yeah... heaven! One of the things I love about St. John is how low key and relaxing it is. When I had mentioned to friends that I was headed to the carribean they instantly thought I was going on a cruise or to the Bahamas. I certainly would NEVER turn down an invitation to travel but I like how calm and peaceful it is here. Of course you can always find a place or occasion to party but it is nice to truly "be" in the true sense of the word on an island.