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How about a little more cinnamon?

Wednesday's trip to Cinnamon Bay was very relaxing. After finally getting some good quality sleep on a bed, I was ready for a full day of breathtaking views. We headed over to meet our friend Edie and her family @ the Cinnamon campgrounds for their annual vacay. Everything was beautiful, the grounds are very lush and green and the acommodations for the campers ... not too shabby. Even the clouds and a little rainshower were part of the beauty of this day. The only problemita I encountered was the immediate bienvenue from the mosquitos. Apparently they were starving because I had beaucoup des bites instantly. But Hey! I am willing to make a little blood donation in exchange for the view above, wouldn't you? Apparently mosquitos love warm blooded Latin American blood. And as a good Latin American girl I had my AVON skin so soft bug repellent as my shield. After lunch we headed to la playa and it was fabulous. There was that tropical steam in the air but once you get into those crystal blue waters, ooooh yeah... heaven! One of the things I love about St. John is how low key and relaxing it is. When I had mentioned to friends that I was headed to the carribean they instantly thought I was going on a cruise or to the Bahamas. I certainly would NEVER turn down an invitation to travel but I like how calm and peaceful it is here. Of course you can always find a place or occasion to party but it is nice to truly "be" in the true sense of the word on an island.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh it looks so heavenly...so perfect (minus the mosquitos of course!)

drollgirl said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, it looks so beautiful and so peaceful!!!

and mosquitos love me too. you must be sweet sweet SWEET! ha! :)

Carmi said...

What a privilege to be able to see this remarkable place through your eyes. I'm so glad you're sharing your journey in this way. You could always go into photography as a second career :)

Maya said...

Your so funny, girl! I never think of the animal kingdom (of mosquitos) when I look at images of these gorgeous destinations, but there they are!! I would just never come out of the water.

simpledaisy said...

Wow...looks awesome! I am totally on-line checking it out and thinking of when I can plan to go there!! You'll have to tell us where you stayed!! What a great place to just be! Enjoy~

Gabbi said...

It looks and sounds amazing! Nice relaxing vacations are very much my favorite kind, I'm not much of a party person anymore :) Thank you so much for sharing... I feel like I just took a mini vacation this morning.

Cheryl said...

This place is absolutely perfect. I need to be there right now!

K8 said...

That looks so gorgeous. I find it better to appreciate the place as well. :D

anita said...

your tropical vaca looks perfect!
the camping spot seems wonderfully unspoiled!
i'm happy for you to be so surrounded by what you love most!

Kate said...

So pretty! Look at that water!

Joyce said...

Very beautiful! I love the last photo, so calming and peaceful. Mosquitos?! I didn't think they would be there since there extended family love to hang out in our backyard!! Enjoy! xoxo