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This past Sunday B and I headed to the Fontana Motor Speedway for BUG-IN 34. It was amazing. We both were not sure what to expect but basically it was VW heaven. As you may recall I have had Karmannghia fever for a while and B'st first car was a Karmannghia. You might have seen this post and this one! Check out this lovely white one. Don't know what it is about these German cars that just ooze the
Cali beach culture

Well this is just a taste of our big VW extravaganza. If you want to see what I mean about Cali beach culture stay tuned...


anita said...

laura, this looks like fun!
i share your love of Karmannghias. i've had miatas for 11 years, fun..
and i've owned a cool old school vw bus back in the day...but that
cute Karmannghia has eluded me!
girl, did you sit in one?

Maya said...

I adore the Bugs! The older version, possibly with sun roof. My parents when they were young (and I was tiny) drove one. And they are beachy.

Surf Girl said...

The bugs are so cute! A high school friend had a Karmannghia and I so wanted that car.
Love the beach buses too!!

A Beach House Dreamer said...

Uhhh, the bugs are so cute. Love all their colors too.

Beach Vintage said...

Oh my god, that green VW - love at first sight!

Cloudia said...

Ah my old bug, how I miss it!

Gabbi said...

Great VW photos, my first real boyfriend had a bug. Off-white with white ragtop. It as so much fun driving around in it on summer evenings... xo