As you know, this week's theme at Written is Edible so I am sharing my daily breakfast with you. I have been eating oatmeal for what seems to be forever and I love it! I just add a few little cranberries or coconut shavings and my best friend FLAX SEED and voilá! C'est magnifique! What is your comfort breakfast food? I like oatmeal because it fills me up and I can truly make it to lunch without having a breakdown :) Even when I eat a bagel with beaucoup de cream cheese, I am never as satisfied as when I have my oatmeal. I am old school with my oatmeal. No designer oatmeal for this chica, I am loyal to the quaker dude. I buy a box at COSTCO and it lasts for an eternity. In these tough lack of dinero times, it is nice to know that you can count on an old friend like oatmeal to get you through the day (at least the AM).