For the last few weeks, I have had people say to me "Oh, I saw you in a magazine!" and I have shrugged it off and said "I don't think so, it must be my doppelganger." Yesterday I went to the dentist and the hygienist insisted that I was in the Inland Empire Magazine in March. I insisted it was someone else. Well, dahlings it appears my modeling career has taken off without me knowing it. A few months back you may recall, I visited KVCR the local public radio to participate in a little interview. My friend Dave wanted to take a picture of all the participants and since I always have my camera, he took a picture and that was that. Apparently that picture is now an advertisement for KVCR, at least in this mag. No worries, except that because it was a radio interview, I figured, I can run to the station in the usual sealaura mess cat way. So anywho, this not so flattering picture where it looks like I stepped out of the penitentiary is out there ( I even look like I am giving Dave the stink eye!) ! And now it is here for your amusement! I thought this was so funny, because I had no idea and because B and I have this ongoing joke that we are supermodels on the side (don't ask, we are just that ridiculous!). (in case you are wondering about the title of this post, it is in reference to a Dateline special on a fake supermodel reality show about two weeks ago. If you did not see it, is was hilarious! The fake host wanted the contestants to greet him by saying "supermodel on deck!" and since that day B and I have been greeting each other that way. Ok, maybe you had to be there but check out MSNBC in case you are curious.)