Sometimes I feel like running for the hills. Sometimes I feel like the smallest task, like going downstairs to get a pen is just too much. I am in my own haiku tunnel.Ok, so maybe I don't really want to run to the hills. I guess I just would like to retire to my TV room/nest and cuddle up with Norm. I picture us watching Bravo all day long. We would hang out with those housewives and cook with my crush Tom Colicchio. Do you ever have those days? But then I shake it off and realize that going downstairs to get a pen is really going to be ok. I grab one of my 700 bags and head off to la escuela. All of this would and could makes me realize that I can face the day and go to work because it relates to today's lesson. Plus who else is going to explain the pluperfect subjunctive and relative pronouns en español right? Si me hubiera quedado en casa, no habría pasado un lindo día con mis chicos.

** BTW Haiku Tunnel is one of my favorite movies. It is hysterical! click here and watch the trailer. I highly recommend it :) (especially if you have been a temp or worked in an office).