Don't know about you, but I always seem to be operating out of many bags (to my detriment!). As I like to start many sentences here goes: "In my defense I am a profesora and profesoras are always carrying all sorts of stuff to class." Every time I buy a new bag, I always tell myself "this bag will help me look professional and put together right?" Even though I have many bags, I usually end up carrying things in the most ridiculous totes that I am not always proud to sport. But the one above was a nice find for 5 dólares. I usually pull this out of my car when my current bag is exploding with computers cords, cups, oatmeal and oh yeah spanish textbooks. My bag of the moment, (which truth be told is sharing "the moment" with some other lovelies) is this one Tada! I do like me a nice bag and I fell in love with the blue color and the buttery soft leather. It turns out it's name is B. Makowsky Jakarta East/West Tote, but I could care less! I saw it at Marshalls on megasale, grabbed it, ran (paid for it of course dahlings!) and never looked back. Spring is the time for new loves right?
**blue bag picture from Kaboodle