On March 1, we at the sealaura estate had a momentous occasion. Our little Norman Alexander celebrated his first birthday! We started the day with a family walk and then we stopped at his home away from home at Casa C. The little Cs gave him a birthday present. He was so happy and immediately thanked C2 with what we affectionately call "love juice."We then spent the rest of the day chez nous and decided to remember the occasion with a few pictures. For this picture we were inspired by Gaugin's IA ORANA MARIA which he painted during his final years in Tahiti. I know, this is a BIG stretch for reinterpreting a master like Gaugin, I am by no means anywhere near Mary. Norman and I like the tropical background of Gaugin's piece, so we took that vibe and ran with it. We call ours "Tropical Bub and L." Bubby is one of Norm's many nicknames. Anyway art is about creating right dahlings? :) My dear friend Janet first shared this piece with me. If you would like to know more about Gaugin and the IA ORANA MARIA click here.After our photo session, Norman decided it was time for reflection. I think he was planning out his next walk.