I often get questions about my favorite piece of jewelry: my caribbean hook bracelet. I got it in St. John in 2007 when I first visited the USVI. As many of you beachonistas might already know, the bracelet first became popular on St. Croix to celebrate love and good fortune. I also heard that it is an old Danish tradition and that it was first worn by couples who wore the hook towards their hearts when they were together and away when they were apart. Some of the locals told me that if you wear it towards your heart it means you are taken and if you wear it away, then you are open to new love. I am sure there are many other versions, maybe Mimi knows of others?
I love jewelry, mostly silver but I bead every blue moon. I go in spurts. In fact the grey and coral "bracelet" in this pic is really a necklace I made last year. I love the color grey... and coral, need I say more--> la playa!!

Anyway, my bracelet is a very simple design but there are tons of different styles out there. I never take mine off. It reminds me of my times on those islands, sigh.... On my last visit to St. John I saw a ring version of the bracelet and I had to have it! (BTW ignore, the dishpan dry hands please!).
What is your favorite piece or accessory? Is there a little story behind it?