If you are a regular visitor to sealaura, you know B and I love to go to the movies. This upcoming weekend is the Oscars and between getting fitted for my gown ( Ha Ha! nightgown maybe) and being a profesora de español, I haven't see all of the movies nominated. Yesterday I watched Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. The very talented Javier Bardem ( The Sea Inside, Before Night Falls, No Country for Old Men), Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz are the main characters. Honestly, I was dissapointed. I found it very boring. There is a narrator throughout the film, which I though made it awkward. At first I thought maybe I had the special commentary on but I didn't, so it was weird. As a profesora de español, I try to watch all things related to Spain and Latin America so I squeezed this flick in but blah! I enjoyed watching Scarlett and Javier but it wasn't enough. The movie is basically about a love not triangle but square (3 ladies and Javier). The best part for me was when Javier and Vicky are walking around Gaudi's Park Guell (and that was brief!). Don't let little old me deter you from seeing this película but if you want to see Gaudi's amazing architectural gem a la Dr. Seuss click here, you will not be disappointed!