Andrea from My Chihuahua Bites recently hosted a fun Valentine's Day Swap. She is a delightful blogger who can tell you how to make amazing craft projects, recipes, and excellent makeup tips. She is also a source of cheer, just check out her post yesterday. I was paired with Amy from the Cunningham report. Amy is a graphics designer who is also a proud mama to a beautiful boy. This was my first swap via the blogosphere and it was way fun.

Check out my loot : )

*beautiful shell decorations made by Amy herself
*lovely little notebooks, (a profesora can never have enough)
*fun colored pens again, (I can never have too many of those, grading is way more fun when your pens have glitter!)
*a beautiful frame
*pretty candle
*starfish (my favorites!)
Thank you Amy and Andrea!
If you want to see what I sent Amy, you can go here.