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Taste Tripping

Since I've stayed in the land of red for this spring break, B and I did a little tripping chez nous. A little taste tripping! Now don't worry it's all on the up and up. Basically these "magic berries" are made into tablet form which cause your taste buds to make sour and bitter foods taste sweet or sweeter. Now I know this all sounds nuts and... it is but B and I were like little kids playing with our new toy. We ordered the magic berries from Papa Smurf, I mean e-bay and then we eagerly started to have our own party.You let the tablet dissolve onto your tongue and then the party begins! We started out with the citrus in the backyard and it really did taste amazing. I bit into the limes and instead of puckering, it was rather nice. It wasn't quite candy but it was enjoyable.
After having some safe tripping with fruits, we moved on to riskier items such as horseradish, tabasco sauce and balsamic vinegar. Either my tablet was wearing off, or I was coming to my senses because once I tried the horseradish, I had to draw the line: party over!


Mimi said...

What?!?!? That's crazy. Sounds so neat! You guys have too much fun!

anita said...

you have fruit trees in your back yard?
lucky girl !

Hula Girl at Heart said...

This tickles me. . .

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yeah...it comes from a tropical fruit (don't remember which)

Fun times...How does it make sweet taste?

Mama C said...

Lime and horseradish? Hmm, that sounds kinda good in a weird way.

Deetree said...

I think i'd draw the line there as well. Love horseradish w/meats, but never on citrus, magical drops or no magical drops! LOL!

LMN said...

That is hilarious. "Taste-tripping." I love it.