If you visit me from time to time I may have mentioned I do not enjoy the art of cooking. I do love to eat but cooking is not my forté. But I have made a new discovery: egg white omelets. The menu at the sealaura estate when it is just me is cereal but these egg whites have changed my life (for now). I like to add a few red pepper flakes because I love me some spice. Yesterday was a beautiful day in the land of red, so I did a little work back in the jungle of the estate. Here is one of the employees coming in for her shift. And although this guy is currently CEO of the estate he decided to give us a hand. What a trooper! While I was back here, I was trying to channel Linda's garden from Lime in the Coconut. That channel did not come in, I got static! So my back yard is still a small jungle. Today I will be focusing my spring cleaning on the jungle inside. Thanks to all of you beachy design bloggers who have inspired me to tidy up :)