As I mentioned on Monday, B, Norm and I had a teeny outing to Oak Glen which is about 20 minutes from the land of Red. Although I am an LA girl @heart, I love finding nature hideaways here in the Inland Empire of SoCal.
Oak Glen reminds me of Michigan. Maybe it is all of the apple orchards, the crisp air in this mile high town or the wholesome family fun that can be had here. There are many eateries, gift shops and orchards to explore. For more wholesome fun you can also head over to the Mountain Safari where for about 3 bucks you can have a teeny tiny safari. Sure, maybe it's not the San Diego Zoo but any kiddo under 7 would love it, I think! Speaking of kiddos, B and I took our boy Norm up there with us. He had a blast and got to experience his first snow!
One of my favorite things I love about my little familia is our restlessness. 20 minutes before these pictures were taken, all 3 of us were siting in our family room, feeling cold, bored and antsy. And voilá we had an outing that invigorated us!