I don't know about you other bloggers, but I am so inspired by all the different blogs that I visit all week long. Via these blogs I get so much appreciation and knowledge for home decor, life, travel, eating, it is so much fun. I try not to blurk too much but since most of the time I blurk while I take a break from grading I don't always get a chance to comment. Anywho, in case you don't spend enough time on the web, here are a few of my fave blogsitos of late :

1. Nautical by Nature (the lovely Kate, tempts me every day with nautical clothes, jewelry, stuff I suddenly NEED! )

2. My Blue Skies ( Anita is a very chill, cool soul who writes about her spontaneous outings and just about anything else that comes her way in beachy Florida )

3. A Perfect Beginning (Joyce is so positive and creative, her blog is a perfect beginning to my day)

4. Liberty Post (excellent photography, it seems you never know what you are going to get, but it is all good!)

5. Pure Style Home (the lovely Lauren is a very talented interior designer with excellent taste. Looking at this blog makes me want to decorate dahlings!)

6. Weight Watchers Changed my life ( need I say more? After sitting all day reading papers and blogging around, the very energetic Mrs. Classic gives me a good kick in the tail about being healthy and really understanding food.)

Well check these out if you get a chance. I gotta go proselytize the Spanish language and culture, so Hasta luego mis amigas y amigos! Feliz fin de semana y Feliz Día de San Valentin o Día de la Amistad! Ciao! Ciao!