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Breaking news: attempt on Norman's life

First of all, he is ok! Everyone breathe. Last night as I was approaching our little casita, Norman was attacked by a neighborhood dog. It was awful!!!! The main reason why I am posting this is because even if owners say their dogs are friendly, you never know. I sure didn't expect my little Norm to get attacked. The dog was visiting my neighbors so it was not one of the regular dogs in the hood. The owner felt terrible about it, and I did too. It was all entirely awkward and unfortunate. After the incident my little guy went straight into his little apartment was not himself for a little while.Buenas Noticias : Today he is back to his normal happy self, doing his little reindeer prance in the neighborhood as we take our walk. I wanted to share this with you because Norman Alexander is a BIG part of my life and it was a learning experience for both of us.


Erin said...

How scary!! I'm so glad he ok though. What a relief!

b13 said...

Awwww... give him extra biscuits! Thanks for the vote!

anita said...

poor lil norman! be careful out there dude...its a wild, wild world!

me said...

Thank God he is ok! But I guess it's the same with people, you never know when one is going to snap. I am glad he is still able to prance

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awww. Poor Norm.

Sounds like he is back in full color! Thank goodness!

Mimi said...

OH NOS!!!! Poor Normy!

Joyce said...

Laura this is a scary thing.

We had it happen a couple different times with our little Kelly when she was younger. For the longest time she would pull not to go on walks I guess out of fear.
You are right people will say their dogs are friendly, but... we love our dogs, but we might not understand all of their dog body language.
When Kelly was younger I walked her on a reg leash not the extended one because this way I had control for the unexpected. I also walked with a riding crop. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't hurt anything (see my blog tomorrow I even buy nuts for the squirrels-LOL). When I would share my incidents with a dog trainer she suggested the crop so IF there was ever a fight/attack I would lightly give a little tap on the behind of the aggressive dog to distract them away from the fight. She said I never want to get in a pull the dogs apart for fear of injuries.
I'm so happy you have a happy ending I have heard a few stories even at the dog park where once again "my dog is friendly" only to deadly hurt another dog. xoxo

Lauren said...

i'm glad your baby's okay! :)

Kate said...

Oh gosh I am glad he is ok!

Ever since I was bitten but a friend's dog, I have been extra careful with all dogs. Unfortunately you just never know what will happen!

AndreaLeigh said...

that is terrible! was the other dog on a leash? i'm so sorry for poor norman!